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We are very happy with our system… haven’t paid for electricity since September 2022! And that’s including water heating + charging up the car

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Tailored Solar Panel Systems from Wise Green Energy
At Wise Green Energy, we don't just install solar panels; we deliver custom solar solutions designed for your specific needs. Our expert team assesses your property, energy requirements, and budget to propose the ideal solar panel system. Experience the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability with our top-tier solar solutions.

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Embrace Solar Energy with Wise Green Energy

In today's world, solar energy isn't just a choice; it's a necessity for a sustainable future. With Wise Green Energy, transitioning to solar is seamless. Enjoy immediate reductions in energy bills, benefit from government incentives, and play a vital role in protecting the environment. Discover why countless UK residents are switching to solar today.
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our customers are thrilled with the service they receive from wise green energy. we ensure that each solar installation is completed in accordance with the customer’s expectations and design brief. 

Wise Green installed solar panels on our roof. We were so impressed with the panels, their performance, and Wise Green's service and customer care, that we have now gone back to them to have a battery bank installed
26 Years of Experience


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We are an MCS accredited, family run renewable energy installer with over 26 years of industry experience.


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