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Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

They work in Snow, Rain even at NIGHT!

What are they?

Thermodynamic Panels

Solar assisted heat pump technology is a unique renewable solution that heats your water by absorbing heat energy from the atmosphere.

These systems can provide 100% of your hot water requirements in the rain, snow, wind, at night even down to -15°c conditions.

Conventional sanitary hot water systems depend on gas, oil or electric boilers to heat the water. These systems are inefficient, expensive to run and costly to the environment.

Our systems are capable of extracting sufficient warmth to heat domestic and commercial hot water cylinders to 55°c even on the coldest winter days. The very best modern gas or oil boiler can only achieve maximum efficiency levels of 95%, solar assisted heat pump systems have a much higher efficiency typically between 300-600% (for every kWh of energy into the system, 3-6kWh are produced). It is easy to understand why solar assisted heat pump systems are becoming the most popular green energy solution.

How it works

Solar assisted heat pumps are filled with liquid refrigerant (think of this system as your fridge working in reverse). Reverse refrigeration technology creates heat which can be transferred into a hot water system. The panels are capable of taking cold air from the atmosphere at sub-zero temperatures to heat your hot water.

Thermodynamic Diagram

The system is ideal for domestic hot water and can be scaled up to provide enough green energy to heat large volumes of water for hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, clinics, schools and other large buildings.

The Benefits

Solar assisted heat pumps heat water to up to 55°c all year round and work in the sun, wind, rain and at night. The installation is straight forward with minimal maintenance and the panels can be mounted vertically on walls which do not have to be south facing. Solar assisted heat pumps are suitable for your home or business giving you significant savings on your energy bills, and as energy prices increase so do your savings. Finally, use of this system significantly reduces carbon emissions and is extremely cost-effective.

A solar assisted heat pump hot water system can be used to provide 100% hot water requirement for 24 hours, 365 days a year.